Three trends in particular are emerging on the erotic market

More women, more diversity, more naturalness: what sounds like the election manifesto of the Greens should be the sex and porn trends 2020. In fact, something is happening in the adult industry, sexual preferences are changing. But that also has unsatisfactory aspects.

Hand on heart: when was the last time you watched porn? And what terms were you looking for? According to the statistics of the Pornhub platform, "German" is the number one search term among users from Germany. Germans watch videos from the categories "Pissing" and "Fetish" much more often than in the rest of the world - which doesn't need much explanation.

If you believe the 2020 trend reports from xHamster and Stripchat, the erotic market is changing. Three trends are emerging: Women are playing an increasingly important role, especially as customers. They now account for up to a third of all users. In the representation, for example, "hotwifing" becomes more popular, described as "proud presentation of open relationships in which the man is aroused by his wife's pleasure".

In addition, naturalness and diversity are popular, measured by the demand for amateur porn or terms such as polyamory and transporn. Of course, providers also use such studies for marketing purposes.

"Men especially like cuddle sex"

The booming subject of mindfulness leads to more tender, gentler sex, according to a recent survey by the dating portal under the heading "Men especially like cuddly sex". In her remarks on this, expert Lasse Samenströmen speaks of a change in awareness: "People no longer feel like performing and functioning all the time, and that also applies to sex.

Because gymnastics and high performance have nothing to do with a fulfilling, erotic experience. "In stark contrast to this are the films from categories such as" Anal "," Blackmail "(blackmail) or" Fisting ", which are still often clicked on. Watch JAV Online.

In fact, society is changing, also in terms of sex preferences, as Ulrich Wixer from the trend office in Munich says. "The younger generation in particular grew up with diversity as a matter of course." This applies equally to sexuality and shows itself in a larger selection of varieties. "More can be tried." This can be seen in relationships with, for example, blended families and open partnerships, as well as in sex life.

The industry is reacting to the changing target group, explains the spokesman for the Venus erotic fair, Walter Hasenclever. The proportion of female visitors there rose to 40 percent in 2019. More couples would also come to shop together for their love life. The exhibitors have changed: more erotic products such as lingerie and toys - less pornography, according to Hasenclever.

"Erotic films for women are getting stronger and stronger, and there are more and more providers on the market. With portals like xHamster, more and more users are uploading their own content that precisely reflects these wishes."

"Generation Z" will change the porn market

"Generation Z" in particular, those born after the year 2000, will change the market considerably - Wixer is just as sure of that as the porn platforms. Sexual offers are mostly consumed on the smartphone, i.e. mobile. Live offers for example in front of the webcam are in demand. That fits with the so-called digital natives who grew up with cell phones, Skype and FaceTime. They are more interested in (supposed) closeness and authenticity, says Wixer.

This is lucrative for companies: According to the Stripchat trend report, more than half of those under the age of 24 spend money on live cams. Almost eight percent even more than 1000 euros a month, it says. And the study organizers themselves seem surprised, as they comment on these figures with an "astonishing".

For others, these are warning signals: Many young people in particular are completely overwhelmed by the possibilities, says Munich-based sex and couples therapist Uschi Machslochauf. In the porn industry, before or at the latest during puberty, you see "everything there is on this planet or in the imaginations of resourceful producers".

Real and virtual worlds would be mixed up. "And above all, everything can be shown in comic-porn productions that is unimaginable in real life: exaggerated faces, breasts, penises, sex with monsters and extremely young actors." "Hentai" is a common keyword here.

Children come into contact with porn

Noticeable on the topic: The studies of the porn sites only interview adults. "But we know reliably that children, as soon as they have a smartphone, involuntarily come into contact with porn. And the number of children and adolescents who watch porn every day is considerable," says Machslochauf. Addictions arise in puberty, porn influences desires. "And this is cause for concern."

Her practice is full of sex and porn addicts or people with sexual dysfunction. The number of "untouched" people who have seen everything but have not yet had any real sexual experience is also increasing. In addition, there was a great lack of orientation.

"In terms of sexuality, too, I find a lot of unsettled, insecure people who no longer just cheer themselves up from one orgasm to the next, but question whether this is not all junk food for the brain," says Machslochauf. "These are people who are interested in their reward system and give the whole porn industry the finger."

Who decouple themselves and again independently and freely experience sexuality in the relationship, want to maintain their sensuality. And who ask about the meaning that sexuality has.

Perhaps the most curious thing in all of the studies sounds grounded: In 2019, a term that hardly anyone associates with sex was searched 1544 percent more often at Pornhub is: "Deutsche Bahn".